SATELLITE YAMAL 201 at 90,0°East in the north-east Italy

Good morning,
    I live in Italy.I have Irte Prime Focus 1.80 C-ku band with Jaeger H-H SMR 1224 Corotor Chaparall II Wideband, Norsat 8115 and SMW X-Line type C with old Echostar AD3000ip VIA. Some questions if she wants to answer.
    a, It is possible to receive Yamal 201 in the Northe East Italy (region Venetian) City: Castelfranco (Italy) longitude 11.92° E latitude: 45.67° N
    b,What a series of the manhattan it uses as receiver (500-450-300)?It uses the manhattan only for the C- Band? and with Corotor?