Themes about AL/EL parabolic positioner for prime focus dish 240 cm in diameter.

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Themes about AL/EL parabolic positioner for prime focus dish 240 cm in diameter.

Themes about AL/EL parabolic positioner for prime focus dish with diameter 240 cm .

Question from : Mr. Peter H. - Technology Innovations Manager in Alcatel - Lucent Ireland Ltd.

Locality : Cork , Ireland

Question nr.1 :

Dear Sir.

 I am looking for a solid dish  Az EL parabolic  positioner and while searching the web I came across your website. Although I don't speak your language I did find some very interesting data.You mentioned a stronger Jaeger Az-El positioner the  SMO36 and SMR36, suitable for solid dish size up to 360cm diameter.I have a 240cm solid dish and I am interested in both positioners: Can you support me in specifications (electrical and mechanical) and If I were to purchase one from your company? I need full H-H Azimuth rotation and I need at least 0 to 70 degrees elevation. I feel the SMR is a better choice, as I can make my dish larger.... So if you have any recommendation for a 3m dish I am open for suggestions.

Thank you for your support.

With best regards.
Jaeger SMO-36 H-H Mount  11Jaeger SMO-36 H-H Mount  22Jaeger SMO-36 H-H Mount  33

Answer from :

Dear Mr.Peter  ,

Thank You for your inquiry about  Jaeger SMO-SMR 36 positioner, briefly I have recieved a  simple answer from Jaeger business division manager  Ms. Stephanie Liu from Thailand -  about HH / Az+EL positioner :

contact :

Overseas Sales Department
SKF Actuation System
No. 6 Pao Kao Road
Hsin Tien City, Taipei 23144, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2917-4441 ext: 235
Fax: +886 2 2917-8362

In the present time Jaeger made this HH positioner type :

Mesh Dish: 1.2M~2.4M
Steel Dish: 1.2M~1.8M
The maximum load that SMR-1224EL could meet is over 80 kgs !

2,SMO-36EL (for 3.7M Mesh) - obsolete type !!!
We already discontinued this model for more than five years!

Only one solution for your SAT system with PF 240 cm is heavy / classical  POLARMOUNT with two actuators 36" for fine AZ/EL moving or you may buy this SMR-36 from eBay.

Kind Regards

PLM detail from PF Channel Master 300 cm  11PLM detail from PF Channel Master 300 cm  22PLM detail from PF Channel Master 300 cm  33

Question nr.2 :

Hello Roman ,

Many thanks for your email reply and call to the Jaeger sales office. Much appreciate your support. It looks like the Jaeger is not suited for my 2.4 m dish. So I am interested in your suggestion for polar mount and 2 actuators. Your link leads to a 3m dish, very nice but something maybe for the future, but for
now I'll like to focus on the 2.4m (solid) dish. I googled for polar mounts, but seems a polar mount mechanical structure is difficult to find. Do you have any suggestions, drawings or web links I can purchase a polar mount. The Pole I want to mount the antenna on is 3inch.Do you sell or have any second hand stuff around I could use.

Once again many thanks for your support.

With Best regards

Answer nr.3 :

Dear Mr.Peter ,

It is a real problem to buy a new polarmout these days in Europe but there are some solutions :

1,you can make it yourself
2,buy a new PLM stuff

Company Prodelin/General Dynamics USA made good and cheap POLARMOUT for Prime Focus or Offset dishes varying from 180-240 to 360cm in diameter... There is some possibility to buy only a PLM without a dish and you may try to call Prodelin manager because quality is OK and price is OK too but next time if you buy some other components you must rebuild this very PLM for your PF dish :

      Marc Nowak
      Sales Manager Prodelin Antennas
      Baumstrasse 50
      47198 Duisburg, Germany
      Phone: +49-2066-2096-58
      Fax:      +49-2066-2096-11
Kind Regards
Roman Dávid - dxsatcs founder

PLM detail from PF Channel Master 300 cm  66PLM detail from PF Channel Master 300 cm  55PLM detail from PF Channel Master 300 cm  44

Question nr.3 :

Dear Roman,

Again many thanks for your swift reply. Very good information.

I was afraid I would be ending up making a polar mount. I guess the market does not have many choices these days, unless one lives in US, where C/Ku band motorized dishes can be purchased second hand even.... I'll give the Vertex a call and see if they have any polar mounts for sale. Once again thanks for your support and hopefully we'll meet again in the near future. Good luck with your business and take care.

With Best regards
Peter H.