A. Simao-Macau S.A.R-Insat 4B at 93.5°E-C band-PF Vertex 9.0m-PLL LNB Norsat 3220 : 3 725 H Doordarshan India-actual results of measurements with the latest measuring instrument Promax TV Explorer HD for Chinese DVB-T standart DTMB/DMB-T (GB20600-2006)

A Simao-Macau-SAR-tv explorer hd DTMB-Insat 4B-93-5-east-01

       Insat 4B at 93.5°E - 4B wide footprint : measurement location Macau - 60 km west from Hong Kong
                            geographical location : Latitude: 22.1987°_ Longitude: 113.5439°
                                            antenna tracking : AZ=224 ° and EL=55,5°
                           measurement results are derived from the 900 cm diameter antenna
                                                  date of measurement : 8.7.2013
                                                       elevation angle  : 55.5°

  Insat 4B at 93.5°E:Vertex RSI 9.0 m            Insat 4B at 93.5°E : footprint      Insat 4B at 93.5°E : measurement location
A Simao-Macau-SAR-Vertex-RSI-900-Insat 4B-93-5-east-00Insat 4B at 93.5 e _ 4B footprint from antrix corporation India-C bandInsat 4B at 93.5 e _ C band footprint_Macau SAR _map

Insat 4B at 93.5°E-4B wide footprint-C band : 3 725 H DD Doordarshan_installed high frequency chain

               Vertex RSI 9.0 m                                   PLL LNB Norsat 3220                         Promax TV Explorer HD DTMB                                   
A Simao-Macau-SAR-Vertex-RSI-900-Insat 4B-93-5-east-01 A Simao-Macau-SAR-c-band-PLL-LNB-Norsat3220-Insat 4B-93-5-east-02A Simao-Macau-SAR-tv explorer hd DTMB-Insat 4B-93-5-east-03

Insat 4B at 93.5°E-3 725 H DD Doordarshan : automatic calculation of the position of the sat. and the NIT table

                               antenna tracking                                              NIT table

           A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-01   A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-02

Insat 4B at 93.5°E-3 725 H DD Doordarshan : Promax TV Explorer HD DTMB-analysis of the spectrum

                                  3 725 @ 1 424 MHz @ SPAN 100 MHz : 93.5°E Doordarshan India
  A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-spectrum-analysis-02

                                    3 725 @ 1 424 MHz @ SPAN 500 MHz : 93.5°E Doordarshan India
  A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-spectrum-analysis-03

Insat 4B at 93.5°E-3 725 H DD Doordarshan : Promax TV Explorer HD DTMB-analysis of the quality

                    power                                                           MER                                                       ChBER
A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-quality-analysis-01A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-quality-analysis-02A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-quality-analysis-03

Insat 4B at 93.5°E-3 725 H DD Doordarshan : Promax TV Explorer HD DTMB-QPSK constellation

                                                            DVB-S /QPSK constellation
A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-qpsk-constellation

Insat 4B at 93.5°E-3 725 H DD Doordarshan : Promax TV Explorer HD DTMB-stream+traffic analysis ....

                  DD national                                                  DD News                                                     DD Bharti
A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-01A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-02A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-03

                  DD Sports                                                     DD Urdu                                                  DD India
A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-04A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-05A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-06

                 DD Rajyashaba                                             DD feed                                                        DD HD
A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-07A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-08A Simao-Macau-SAR-V-Insat 4B-93-5-e-Promax-tv-explorer-hd-dtmb-3725-mhz-stream-traffic-analysis-09

themes from the author which related to this presentation :

1, A Simao-Macau S.A.R_Insat 4B at 93.5°E - C band _3 725 H PACKET DD Doordarshan India-offset antenna 120 cm
                             -spectrum analyzer Rohde & Schwarz ETL & Prolink 4C Premium

2, A Simao-Macau S.A.R_Insat 4B at 93.5°E-C band : 3 925 H Packet DD Doordarshan India-PF VERTEX 9.0m-
                                                  Rohde & Schwarz ETL-Tandberg TT1260

3,  A Simao-Macau S.A.R_Vertex RSI 9.0m Cassegrain antenna & quality measurement on the Sakshi TV in MPEG-4
          -Insat 4B satellite at 93.5°E-C Band-spectrum analyzer Rohde & Schwarz ETL & Tandberg  TT 1260